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Access control for farms

Access Control for Farms

Access control security systems play a crucial role in preventing unwanted vehicle movement in and out of a farm’s area. Not much can be taken on foot so vehicles are nearly always involved and consequently have to be controlled.

Not only can access control systems help to prevent theft, but are also a deterrent for trespassers and therefore help to reduce the risk of vandalism and sabotage.

We have a wide range of access control security systems available, but for farmers and growers the most commonly specified are electronic gates.

+Electronic Gates for Farms

Electronic gates are ideal where there are clear points of access and exit and they enable the complete control of both vehicle and pedestrian movement.

The type of electronic gate which we would recommend depends upon the number and types of entrances and the level of risk. Typically electronic gates can be operated via a keypad, proximity readers or CCTV, with automatic number plate recognition. They can be remotely controlled by the farm office or by our own NSI gold standard Remote Video Response Centre, or operated by PIN or Proximity readers.

Recent developments in security technology means that we can now programme the access control system to trigger the sending of text message alerts and video clips to mobile phones, providing peace of mind regardless of your location and time of day.

To ensure that electronic gates are not a hindrance to the working day, remote radio fobs can be issued to all drivers of farm machinery equipment, so that they can just simply press their fob near point of entry and the gates will open and then automatically close behind them.

In addition a keypad can be fixed and a unique pincode issued to all employees. If such a system is implemented, then when a member of staff leaves the PIN number must be changed and re-issued.

+Controlled Access for Farms

Having worked with clients from the farming and growing industry for over 30 years we understand that it is not just the perimeter of sites that can benefit from a security access control system. Outhouses where stock and machinery are kept can benefit from PIN or proximity readers, as can cattle or poultry sheds.

Not only can access control for farms help to prevent crime and discourage vandalism, but the systems can help to reduce the risk of natural contamination and demonstrate how farmers and food producers are implementing technology for quality and health and safety purposes.

+Get a Quote

The type of access control system that we recommend will depend upon your individual site and business needs, so it’s difficult to provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ quote without visiting your site and helping to assess your needs.

To arrange a free, no obligation site visit please complete our enquiry form or call us on 01775 821100.

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