The innovative, newly developed Video Verification CCTV System from GBSG has been specifically designed for use on construction sites across the UK. 

It is made up of completely wireless detectors that incorporate a motion sensor, night vision digital camera and infrared illuminators, that work seamlessly with our NSI Gold approved monitoring station to provide you with protection 24/7. 

When the system is armed and the alarm is activated the corresponding camera records a 10 second clip of what caused the activation. This is then transmitted through the GBSG Cloud to our control room and the operators can act upon the video footage by either identifying it as a false alarm or calling the corresponding authority / keyholder. 

The Video Verification CCTV System provides all of the benefits of a monitored CCTV system without the surveillance costs associated with it. By using this system the cameras only operate and record at an alarm activation, therefore removing the need for an operator to monitor the camera. 

This system operates over the mobile phone network, eliminating the need to install a telephone line and it also benefits from being completely wireless which results in a quicker installation as there is no need to install cabling.