A long term security strategy is helping major logistics company Culina to protect high risk areas at their new site.

After moving into new premises, they called in GBSG to come up with a 24/7 solution to protect and track their high value vehicles.

It was a tough security challenge, as the vehicles were parked in a remote operations yard, away from the offices and management team at the site in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

The company was also intending to grow its operations at the new site, so the solution needed to be able to adapt and grow to match future demands.

With these challenges in mind, GBSG carried out an in-depth security audit and review, coming up with a solution that would tackle today's risks but still be valuable in the future configuration. GBSG recommended the installation and use of mobile patrols, access controls and a remotely monitored CCTV system, to protect this demanding site.

System Details

The CCTV system was installed to provide protection around the main building and enables the localised recording and viewing of the cameras, with big screen viewing in the transport office.

The logistics area, at the rear of the site, is protected by a remotely monitored CCTV system to provide protection to all of the parked vehicles. This CCTV system is also used as a management tool to monitor the movement of vehicles as well as to record which trailers are parked in which loading bays. This gives the company greater control from a logistics point of view and also has the capability to identify vehicles.

The CCTV system is made up of both fixed and fully functional dome cameras and it is designed, installed and monitored in accordance to BS 8418, the Code of Practice used for the installation and remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems. This ensures a level one Police response and is recognised by most major insurance companies as a secure means of protecting a premises.

A PC programmable Paxton Net2 access control system was installed to control the ingress and egress throughout the building including the driver's canteen. The system is made up of proximity readers and proximity tags, which enable the doors to be opened when a valid tag is presented.

GBSG also provide the site with mobile patrols 24/7. Mobile patrols are carried out 4 times a night, every night, and 4 times a day every weekend. The mobile patrol officer will complete a foot patrol of the site and check that vehicles are secure.

The mobile patrols are a temporary security solution that will be replaced with remote monitoring when the site is finished with the installation of a bespoke fence. As the site is developed the system will be further expanded to include the controlled entry and exit throughout the entire site including the use of electric gates. Mobile patrols will then be used to provide first keyholder response in the event of an incident at the site.

Customer Testimonial

"The value of working with GBSG was the expertise they could offer which meant they looked at the whole site and how it would be developed over time to give us a solution that would not just suit today, but tomorrow as well.

"Added to that, the whole team have been a pleasure to work with - very professional and friendly throughout the project. They continued working even through some really bad weather conditions at the time of installation and we were really grateful as it kept the schedule on time."

Steve Johnson, Site Manager, Culina Fresh Ltd