Lark Energy is part of the Larkfleet Group of companies, a privately owned construction and development group based in Lincolnshire.
They are a nationwide provider and operator of solar farms and initially approached GBSG in 2012 to help them with a security solution for two solar farms, one in Cambridgeshire (Black Bush Solar Farm) and the second in Hampshire (Hamptworth Solar Farm), both were competed in summer 2012.

GBSG were then asked to install bespoke security solutions for two further sites in Lincolnshire - Limes Farm in Bourne (completed in 2013) and Burton Perdwardine near Sleaford (the 2nd phase is due to complete in June 2014). For all sites Lark Energy were looking for a system that would provide protection against theft and vandalism across the entire perimeter of the sites.

Taking into consideration the site’s locations and the level of protection needed; the GBSG solution was a remotely monitored CCTV system, which encompasses CCTV cameras with infrared illuminators and infrared active beams configured in beam towers providing protection from ground level to 1.8 metres high to provide a wall of detection, as well as an onsite audio challenge facility.

The motivation behind installing CCTV cameras with infrared illuminators is to provide 24 hour coverage without the need for additional external lighting. The low energy illuminators provide light for each camera for up to 85 metres from their installed positions, ensuring that the cameras continue to operate effectively even in complete darkness.

The detection system is the most important part in any remotely monitored CCTV system. For both the Limes Farm and Burton Perdwardine sites a quad active beam system was installed to detect any activity around the perimeter of both sites. If any activity is detected, the system will immediately transmit the live and alarmed video images to the monitoring station. It takes the monitoring station seconds to assess if the movement detected is an intruder (in the dark this is made possible by the infrared illuminators) and should any persons be seen on site, the monitoring station will use a tannoy system to warn them they are being monitored on live CCTV system and that if necessary the relevant authorities will be called.