Overview Of CCTV Maintenance

To support both Analogue and IP CCTV camera systems, we offer a comprehensive CCTV maintenance package, backed up by a 24hr emergency engineer call-out service.

Every CCTV installation is fully compliant with BS EN 50132-7 / NSI NCP104 and where remote CCTV monitoring and level one police response is required, systems can be fully compliant with BS 8418.

As part of this compliance, GBSG provide a CCTV maintenance service in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 50132-7, NSI NCP104 or BS8418 depending on how your system is specified.

A CCTV maintenance engineer will:

  • Check that the location and coverage of each camera and detector is in accordance with the specification and system drawings.
  • Check that the cameras and detectors are not blocked or becoming blocked by foliage, that the fixings are secure and that the brackets are not corroded.
  • Verify the quality of each camera in live mode and recorded mode.
  • Review recorded footage of each camera at night to determine the quality of images and the available light.
  • Check the functionality of dome cameras including pan, tilt, zoom and focus controls.
  • Check each detector is providing detection inside the field of view of the camera and if the detector is associated with a dome camera, check that the detector is triggering the correct pre-set position.
  • Test the audio system by verifying that audio announcements can be heard in the associated area of each detector.
  • Check that the transmission equipment remains secure and check video connections, audio quality, received pictures, auxiliary/relay functions, alarm inputs and tamper protection.
  • Where lighting is installed by GBSG, verify integral IR lighting fitted to cameras is operating correctly and in the case of flood lighting, verify the light is angled correctly and that lamps are working.
  • Check the integrity of all internal and external cabling and power supplies.
  • Ensure all cables and flexible conduits are in good condition and fitted correctly.