The Importance of Fire Alarm Maintenance

Under legislation employers have a legal obligation to ensure that their fire alarm system and fire detection system is in good working order and adheres to all relevant regulatory standards. This means it’s essential to have an adequate fire alarm maintenance schedule in place.

To help businesses comply with current legislation we offer a comprehensive fire alarm maintenance package; a full fire alarm system servicing by a maintenance engineer. This is backed up by a 24-hour emergency engineer service. Our fire alarm maintenance package meets the requirements of BS5839 and is accredited to BAFE® standards.

Under legislation the minimum requirement is that a fire alarm and fire detection system is serviced by a competent person on a six-monthly basis. However, the frequency of maintenance engineer visits can be increased to suit the size of the fire alarm system, building or environment. Your alarm systems are important and we offer the ideal package to ensure that they perform to their full ability at all times.


Our Fire Alarm Maintenance Service

As a BAFE® registered company to SP203-1 we hold competent contractor status in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarms. Our fire alarm maintenance engineers will:

  • Test every manual call point and / or zone at each visit;
  • Test every heat and smoke detector;
  • Inspect every detector for damage and obstructions;
  • Check analogue values of all sensors for contamination;
  • Test the battery for condition and correct standby period;
  • Check that the zone plan is accurate;
  • Check alarm functions and visual indicators on control panels;
  • Check the operation of remote signalling to the alarm receiving centre (where applicable);
  • Check that the cause and effect automatic actions occur e.g. lifts go to the bottom floor, gas supplies are shut off;
  • Investigate any reported false alarms in the log book and correct as necessary;
  • Issue a service certificate.

In addition to the above, through collaboration with Fenland Fire we now offer fire extinguisher maintenance in accordance with BS5306 part 3.


Specifications and Compliance

  • GBSG have achieved third party accreditation through BAFE SP203 for the design, installation, commissioning, handover and maintenance of fire alarm systems and fire detection systems.
  • Every fire alarm installed by GBSG is in compliance with the highest relevant industry standards, including BS 5839 pt1:2013 and BS 5839 pt6:2013. As part of this compliance GBSG provide a fire alarm maintenance service in accordance to the requirements of BS 5839.