Overview of Fire Alarms

All employers are obliged to install a fire alarm system that is fit for purpose in accordance with the relevant British Standards. We are a BAFE® registered business; we hold component contractor status to SP203-1 in the installation, design, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarms and detection.

At GBSG we specialise in the design of fire alarms and detection systems for commercial and public premises, in addition to providing wireless systems to Grade I and Grade II listed buildings. The key benefits of fire alarms designed and installed by us are summarised below:

  • All of the systems that we provide meet the BAFE® adopted SP203-1 scheme for designing, commissioning, installing, maintaining and handing over fire alarms and detection systems;
  • We will take the time to fully understand your business so that we design a fire alarm system that is tailored to your precise needs;
  • We design our systems to be future-proof, meaning that as your site expands the fire alarm system can adapt and grow as needed;
  • Our fire alarms can be configured to control equipment, including lifts, fire shutters, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • We can integrate fire alarms with security systems;
  • Peace of mind through 24/7 alarm monitoring.


Specifications and Compliance

Every fire alarm that we design, supply and install is customised to suit any requirement for each site, with systems compliant with relevant industry standards, including:

  • BS 5839 pt 1: 2012;
  • BS 5839 pt 6: 2004.

To validate our competence and retain BAFE® accreditation, we are independently audited on an annual basis. Not only does this provide our clients with peace of mind, but it provides them with evidence that their system complies with current legislation which is crucial as fire certificates are no longer issued by the fire service.