Help Desk Customer Support

Working with advanced security technology provides many benefits, including the ability for clients to remotely connect with their security system from any mobile device, at any time.

As with any IT system, mobile devices do have software updates which may mean that the secure connection to a GBSG security system is lost. To help with this, we have a dedicated Help Desk team who will chat through any software related issue and endeavour to resolve this quickly over the phone.

The Help Desk operates between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday. In addition to software related issues, the team provides support with the following:

Help with Reporting

  • The Help Desk team can provide assistance in setting up reports on key areas of your security system, including user profiles. For example, you may want a regular report on access control user profiles to allow you to understand who is entering and leaving the building at specific times of the day.

Programming Support

  • Taking access control again as an example, if a fob or proximity card needs to be activated or deactivated, then the Help Desk can provide assistance with this. Normally clients prefer to do this themselves, but if the person responsible for this is away from the workplace, then we can do it on their behalf.

Configuration of Alerts

  • If required, the GBSG Help Desk can set-up instant notifications via SMS text or email. For example, should you require notification of when your intruder alarm is armed/disarmed.

Remote Repair

  • In the unfortunate event that you experience a fault, the Help Desk can connect with your system and understand the problem. The team provide a prompt response to malfunctions and, if the issue cannot be repaired remotely, they will liaise with the Engineering Team, allowing the issue to be resolved in just one visit to site.


Need Help?

To speak with a member of the Help Desk team please call 01775 821100