The Importance of Intruder Alarm Maintenance

For an intruder alarm system to effectively operate it must be adequately maintained. As an NSI Gold certified company for the planning, installation and maintenance of intruder alarms, we meet all relevant industry standards and comply with requirements from insurance providers.

Our comprehensive intruder alarm maintenance package covers both preventative and corrective maintenance, backed up by a 24 hour emergency engineer call-out service. For those intruder alarms connected to our alarm monitoring service, GBSG Pulse®, we can also provide remote servicing and fault diagnostics to help save client’s time and money.

Burglar alarm maintenance can be arranged to take place however frequently as required and will be encouraged depending on whether your burglar alarm is being monitored. Monitored systems require a minimum of two site visits per year in order to comply with NSI and also to guarantee that your alarm system is operating to its intended ability.

When our engineer is servicing your burglar alarm system, they will thoroughly examine and test all components. If this should raise any concerns, alarm repair will become their priority to ensure the continuous, effective operation of your system along with the protection of your business.

With our intruder alarm maintenance package, in addition to carrying out your designated burglar alarm service, our on-site engineer will be able to answer any questions you may have about your system and its performance. They are also on-hand to offer advice on how your overall security system could be improved further should there be a reasonable opportunity to do so.

Our Intruder Alarm Maintenance Service

As an NSI Gold accredited provider, our intruder alarm maintenance engineers are regularly audited to ensure competence in meeting industry standards for the installation, maintenance, servicing and fault-finding of intruder alarm systems.

On a maintenance site visit, you can expect the following from our engineers:

  • Check the installation, location and siting of equipment against the specification;
  • Check the satisfactory operation of detection devices including deliberately operated devices;
  • Inspect all flexible connections;
  • Check the mains and standby power supplies, including correct charging rates;
  • Check the control unit for correct operation;
  • Check remote signalling equipment (intelligibility to be ascertained) where applicable;
  • Test (where possible) remote signalling equipment to alarm receiving centre;
  • Check all audible warning & alarm devices;
  • Check the system in accordance with the customer handbook.


Specifications and Compliance

All intruder alarms installed by GBSG are compliant with PD6662:2010 + IA 1501:2015, the UK’s interpretation of European Standard EN50131, BS8243 and the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) policy. As part of this compliance GBSG provide an intruder alarm maintenance service in accordance to the requirements of these standards.