21st August 2017

For the past three years we have always made comment on the NFU’s annual Rural Crime Report. This year’s report does highlight a 4% reduction in the cost to the UK economy compared with the previous year, but there is still a long way to go.

From data compiled by over 300 NFU local branches, it is estimated that rural crime in 2016 cost the UK economy £39.2 million. The collected data has identified the following emerging trends, all of which are detailed in the NFU’s report.

  • A major concern for rural residents is being watched or ‘staked out’;
  • Quad bike and machinery theft continues to be an issue;
  • The cost of cleaning up fly tipping and illegal waste dumping is weighing farmers down because of the frequency of occurrence;
  • Theft of the iconic Land Rover Defender, used on so many farms, has become a widespread issue.

The number of reported incidents during 2016 specifically highlights the cost of crime in monetary terms, but what is not so quantifiable is the distress caused to farmers and the people they employ. Crime can be devastating to livelihoods and families. In addition, there is the impact on wildlife and the environment which, again, is not so easy to measure.

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