At the heart of any robust security solution is an intruder alarm system. Regardless of the type or size of your business, ensuring that your site is safe and secure outside of working hours is crucial.


Meeting Insurance Requirements

As an intruder alarm provider accredited to the highest NSI Gold standard, we fully understand the requirements demanded by insurance companies. Consequently, all systems are available with a variety of security levels and notifications. We only design, install and maintain intruder alarms to grades 2 and 3, plus our GBSG Pulse® solution provides remote alarm monitoring to grades of 3 and 4. This means that not only are alarm activations monitored, but system functionality encompassing mains failure, tampering and fault signalling is monitored also.


Our Approach to Intruder Alarm Design

Because we understand that every site is unique, we will always carry out a full survey and assess your security needs before designing an intruder alarm system. This is a free site survey during which we will ascertain:

  • The level of risk – For this we take into account the physical evidence of the site, the principal activities carried out on site and the appeal of business assets.
  • Best positioning – By undertaking a full survey we can ensure detectors are fitted in the most appropriate position to be as effective as possible and to reduce the risk of false activations.
  • The optimal number of zoned configurations – We can configure alarm zones to provide different alarm setting and unsetting rights accordingly. An example of this is for cleaning contractors; with some clients allowing the contracted employees to set alarms at the end of their shifts but programme their fobs to prohibit the disarming of alarms.


Alarm Integration for Site Management Alerts

Through GBSG Pulse® we can set up site management alerts to assist with business continuity measures. For instance, within manufacturing environments we have configured the alarm panel to provide alerts regarding temperature change, failure of utility supplies and boiler lock-outs.


The Key Benefits of Intruder Alarms

  • All of the systems that we provide meet published British and European standards, covering:
  1. PD 6662:2010 + IA 1501:2015, the UK’s interpretation of European Standard EN 50131;
  2. BS 8243:2010 hold-up alarm verification;
  3. The National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) policy.
  • Systems are designed to meet grades 2 and 3 with remote alarm monitoring to grades 3 and 4.
  • Alarm systems can be programmed to allow a high degree of flexibility across user types, ensuring control over the unsetting/setting of alarms.
  • Our Alarm Receiving Centre operates 24/7 and is accredited to the highest NSI Gold standard.
  • We design every one of our systems to be withstand the tests of time. This means that as your site or workplace expands, your intruder alarm system can be adapted to grow as required.
  • Through GBSG Pulse® site management alerts can be set-up to help with business continuity.
  • GBSG Pulse® allows for remote servicing and diagnostics, helping to save you time and money on alarm maintenance and programming.