What is IP CCTV?

Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV cameras are video streaming devices that transfer video data in digital form over a computer network. From the network, the video can be recorded, played back and viewed live.

IP CCTV has been available for a number of years and due to advances in technology they are now a cost effective alternative to traditional analogue cameras for CCTV security systems. We will always consider the suitability of IP CCTV cameras for applications because of the numerous benefits that they bring encompassing quality, flexibility and long-term cost effectiveness. IP CCTV is suitable for both home and business security.


The Benefits of IP CCTV

Compared with traditional analogue camera system, IP CCTV offers the following benefits:

  • Better Image Quality – IP cameras record at a higher resolution than standard analogue cameras, providing enhanced clarity and the ability to zoom into a camera feed without the image distorting.
  • Wider Coverage – Recording at a higher resolution allows a single IP CCTV camera to cover a wider area than a standard analogue camera. This provides long term value-for-money as fewer cameras are required, also helping to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Empowerment – Being network based, IP CCTV cameras can be remotely viewed from mobile devices. This enables business or home owners to view live CCTV from anytime and from anywhere, providing peace of mind.
  • Robust Protection – Through encrypted data transfer and configuration to enable tampering alerts, IP CCTV systems tend to be more secure from hackers.
  • Greater Flexibility – If you intend to extend your home or your business premises, an IP CCTV system will allow for additional cameras to be added.