Whilst advances in security technologies has seen a rapid adoption of remote guarding services, for some organisations a manned physical presence is the preferred option.

Guarding services, whether manned or remote, will help to protect your business from the threat of theft and vandalism during working hours and when the premises are unattended. They should cover everything from access control to securing the perimeter of your business premises.

For security guards to add value, not only must they be professionally trained, but to protect your brand reputation they must have good customer service skills. GBSG only recruit the most promising security guards. Having strong communication skills and holding SIA (Security Industry Authority) licenses is a must. This means that our security guards are all trained to identify potential threats and each are capable of handling a variety of situations should an incident actually occur.

Our Guarding Services

Because we recognise that every site has unique needs, we offer a variety of services from static security guards to mobile patrols and remote guarding:

  • Static Security Guards - A permanent, physical presence on site, static security guards offer around-the-clock protection against unauthorised access, helping to protect against theft, destruction, damage and other unlawful contact. Our security guards can control vehicle and personnel access, assist with concierge duties such as visitor management, carry out site patrols and implement stop and search checks. Current clients include hospital sites and retail parks.
  • Mobile Patrols - Whilst mobile patrols do not offer a 24/7 presence, they provide routine checks to ensure that your premises are safe and secure. Usually these checks are performed outside of office hours, providing peace of mind that your unoccupied site is being looked after. For some clients, our mobile patrols provide a site opening and locking service, which removes the risk of lone workers carrying out such duties. In addition, our mobile patrols can attend any alarm activation on your behalf, acting as a named keyholder.
  • Remote Guarding - Being a company that uses advances in security technologies to enhance security provisions, we have developed a truly unique Remote Guarding solution. Through the integration of CCTV cameras, door access control, intruder alarms and movement detection analysis, we can remotely carry out all of the security functions and front of house duties that an on-site guard would be responsible for. 

The type of guarding service we would recommend depends upon the level of perceived risk, the nature of your business, the size of your premises and your budget. Depending upon your circumstances we might suggest a combination of services, such as a manned guarding presence during working hours and remote guarding outside of these. We have adopted this approach with a number of large food manufacturers and food storage companies who have round-the-clock deliveries and need to authenticate vehicles arriving and leaving.