School Security & Fire Strategies

A robust security and fire strategy provides a solid foundation in creating a safe, secure environment for children, staff and visitors to work and study. A school security policy is vital when fulfilling a duty of care and as part of our strategies, security solutions can be implemented into school premises to help reduce crime, anti-social behaviour, truancy and bullying.

Security in schools is important to keep pupils, staff and property safe from those who would seek to damage, vandalise or destroy school property. There are many dangers and potential threats to the everyday safety of children. Creating a safe environment for children to learn should be a priority for schools and GBSG are dedicated to helping schools determine the best security systems for their grounds to ensure all risk factors are ruled out and so that a school can operate smoothly.

There are many factors that need to be considered when planning your school’s security and fire strategy. Whilst the primary concern is for the security and well-being of users, the impact that theft, vandalism or fire incidents can have on teaching time and capability needs to be evaluated too. For instance, what impact would a persistent false fire alarm have on teaching time?

Throughout the day pupils will journey across and around the school premises, which can allow opportunities for unauthorised personnel to get into buildings unopposed.

Maintaining a high standard of security requires planning, to achieve the best set up along with regular security checks. Parents now expect schools to have an effective security system in place to keep their children safe whilst out of their care, so it is important that all schools live up to this standard and run a well-maintained security solution, in an exact and precise way.

Tailored School Security & Fire Provisions

At GBSG we recognise that every education establishment has their own unique risks and concerns. As such, we work with school leaders, facilities management and local education authorities to make recommendations to minimise and control those identified risks within school buildings, from security fencing to full CCTV coverage.

In any recommendations that we make, we recognise that school security is not your only priority and that every risk solution must sit comfortably in a learning environment where young people need to thrive.

There are a variety of ways to implement security in schools which will have an instant impact and we provide these school security solutions and services to expert standards, delivering the most professional security in educational institutions. To safeguard both pupils and staff we offer a number of security and fire solutions to education, including:

  • Access Control – For the prevention of unauthorised access, good access control measures should be prioritised for daytime security of the school and the personal safety of users.
  • Intruder Alarm Systems & CCTV for Schools – Sensitive use of school CCTV systems can help reduce the risks of accidents and anti-social behaviour, as well as providing a tool to manage intruders entering through the school perimeter.
  • Fire Detection & Fire Alarms for School – To minimise the disruption and losses that can be caused by a fire, appropriate fire detection and fire alarm systems should be in place.

GBSG understands that your school security service requirements are unique. As part of our process we ensure that we fully understand your requirements so we can provide the best value and professional school security service that’s right for your institution, minimises security threats and functions exactly as expected.