Vehicle Barriers For Secure Access Control

We know that each site will have unique needs and this is why we offer a wide variety of vehicle barriers. Not only do vehicle barriers provide protection against unwanted vehicle access, but they also provide an excellent deterrent to crime. Security barriers are a visual and physical deterrent and the perfect mechanism to control the flow of traffic into and out of your premises.

For larger commercial sites with a high flow of traffic there is nearly always the need for some type of vehicle barrier installation. Dependent upon the physical evidence of the site and the associated level of risk, we may specify the following types of vehicle barriers:

  • Electric swing gates;
  • Electric sliding gates;
  • Rising arm barriers;
  • Manually operated barriers;
  • Road blockers;
  • Rising kerbs;
  • Rising bollards.

All of our vehicle barriers are built using proven designs to create the most robust deterrents so we can offer the best security solution on the market. Vehicle barrier installation focuses on providing outstanding performance and reliability to keep your organisation fully functional, running efficiently and most importantly, secure. Vehicle barrier installation and maintenance is always completed in compliance with the relevant industry standards to guarantee safe and successful operation.

Our vehicle barriers can be set up for any industry, including retail or leisure - where customer security is just as important as convenience. We also provide solutions for high security locations, which can be fully integrated with your existing set up so you can conveniently manage internal security alongside vehicle access control from a manned station.

Providing a permanent, high level of perimeter security and protection, vehicle barriers can be controlled from a manned control point onsite or remotely controlled by our monitoring station. Alternatively, by combining vehicle barriers with access control solutions such as proximity cards or access keypads, the barriers can also be controlled by the driver

Vehicle barriers are a very important and highly visible part of an integrated security solution.