Theft and attacks on shop staff on the rise, better retail security needed

retail security
According to data published by the British Retail Consortium earlier this year (2023), retail theft acrros ten of the UK’s largest cities has risen by 27% overall. The same data showed that incidents of violence and abuse directed at retail workers are now at twice their pre-pandemic levels. In addition to external threats, there is also theft by employees, and even car robberies and break-ins in the store’s car park. It is clear there is a need for far better retail security throughout the industry. To protect your store there are three key areas you should look at:

CCTV cameras essential for retail security

CCTV cameras are essential for providing a deterrent, and if there is an incident providing evidence that is admissible in Court. They can also be used to protect car parks, stockrooms and cash handling areas. A monitored CCTV system can also ensure the premises are under surveillance after closing hours.


Patrols by security guards give a very visible demonstration of your commitment to stamp out shop lifting. They can also help shoppers with directions, and reassure the public that you are thinking about their safety.

Access control ideal for retail security

Access control to keep thieves out of your back offices, warehouse, and cash handling areas – the latest systems are very sophisticated and everyone who enters can be tracked.
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