About GBSG

GBSG was founded 35 years ago and has grown from a small company based in south Lincolnshire to a company with national coverage and sophisticated innovative operations.

The key to the company’s success has been specialisation. Combining a thorough knowledge of the requirements of different industry sectors with sustained research and development, GBSG has been able to provide precise security solutions to the most challenging situations. For instance, GBSG was an early provider of security for solar farms, and through this considerable experience has developed many unique configurations that protect solar installations throughout the United Kingdom. GBSG has also become one of the leading suppliers of church lead roof security solutions, protecting ancient parishes churches from theft and damage while at the same time preserving the aesthetic presentation of these wonderful old buildings. Other sectors we have developed expertise in are: independent schools; museums and art galleries; food manufacturing companies; police force buildings and facilities; law firms and court houses; and many other niche sectors.

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