Construction Site Security

The open nature of construction sites combined with high value equipment make construction sites very attractive to criminal gangs. The results of a raid by thieves can be devastating – thousands of pounds worth of damage and loss, and work put on hold for weeks and months. Many sites that experience a major raid will often see the villains return to carry out further theft.

Security on construction sites is problematic because many people, vehicles and equipment will require access to the site throughout the day usually via several different entrances.

To deter criminals a robust perimeter fence is essential, combined with CCTV and monitoring, and an on-site security guard. Good quality lighting triggered by natural light levels is also important. On-site storage needs to be secure, keeping valuable items out of sight.

CCTV with remote monitoring is especially important for three key reasons:

  1. Criminals can be detected in the middle of a raid and the police called.
  2. Access points can be secured remotely, trapping the raiders until the police arrive.
  3. Evidence is available for possible prosecution.

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