Construction sites experience a 50% rise in opportunistic crime since the Covid 19 pandemic began

Throughout the construction industry opportunistic thieves are responsible for an astonishing rise in crime. A Chartered Institute of Building survey revealed 92% of respondents have experienced at least one crime since the start of the pandemic, with 21% saying their construction sites were robbed on a weekly basis. The overall cost is very significant – in 2019 theft and vandalism in the construction industry cost the sector over £800 million.

During lockdowns over 80% of construction workers have been furloughed, leaving sites and their equipment unattended.

One of the main reasons for the rise in crime associated with construction sites is the failure of the sector to keep security systems up to date. This is not just a lax approach to securing vehicles, but also a reliance on simple padlocks and chains to lock entrances. Very few construction companies train their staff to be aware of security risks.

There are several key steps construction companies can take to protect their sites:

  • Heavy machinery and building tools should be protected with immobilisers and tracking systems.
  • Entry and exit routes should be controlled with access barriers.
  • Bright lighting combined with CCTV is a very effective deterrent.

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