A load of bollards! Did you know there are four kinds of security bollard?

security bollards

If you want to protect your company car park, or car showroom, or inhibit vehicle access to your property, security bollards are a highly effective way of doing so.

Security bollards will deter even the most determined criminals. They represent a formidable barrier – solid, immovable, durable. The very sight of them sends a message that your company is serious about security.

The are four main designs of security bollard, each of them can be customised to the requirement of a particular site:

  1. Automatic – capable to being operated remotely, they are ideal for access points that experience frequent traffic.
  2. Removable – very flexible, and can be removed completely if an occasion requires it.
  3. Fixed – a permanent way of closing off an entrance to vehicular traffic.
  4. Telescopic – capable of being manually lowered, they are easy to use and very flexible.

security bollards

GBSG supplies bollards that are impact resistant withstanding extreme impact from vehicles. Perhaps GBSG can help your company with bollard installation?

You can read more about access control here. The BSIA has a guide for the construction industry here


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