GBSG gets the coffees in for International Security Officers Day

security guard with walkie talkie

In celebration of International Security Officers Day 2024, GBSG has sent each of its Security Guards and remote operatives a Costa gift card and a personal thank you for their hard work and commitment. The idea is that they take some time out to buy themselves a nice cup of coffee (or tea) and a slice of cake, put their feet up and relax.

GBSG, based in Donington, Spalding is celebrating its 40th (Ruby) anniversary this year and they recognise the importance of their staff in achieving this milestone.

“Our security guards and operatives are real gems. They work day and night to monitor and protect our clients’ homes and businesses. The coffee voucher is only a small gesture but I hope it will show how much we appreciate what they do,” Neil Jackson, MD, GBSG.

International Security Officers Day takes place on 24th July each year with the aim of recognising the important role of all security officers. Often the forgotten heroes, they do an extremely important job protecting individuals and their assets, making the world a safer place for everyone.



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