Have you considered the ways in which security guards can protect your business?

It is a sad reality that most business, of whatever size, will sooner or later be the target of thefts and other crimes. Some businesses are more of a target than others, but all commercial enterprises have to take the issue of security seriously. That is why many businesses choose to use security guards to deter crime, sustain security, and provide expert support to their employees and customers.

Making people feel safe

Prominent security guards at your business can create a valuable atmosphere of safety among your employees and customers. It reinforces the idea that you are concerned about security and are actively taking steps to ensure it. This is especially important if your business is located in a high crime area, or your company deals with high-value merchandise.

Physical deterrence

Criminals are wary about targeting companies that employ uniformed security guards. Along with camera surveillance and a comprehensive security system, security guards are a visible statement of your determination to resist crime. Professional guards are highly trained to assess situations, look for suspicious activity, and proactively engage in positive security measures.

Customer Service

Security guards will be part of your customer service team, and can provide a variety of personable interaction with clients and customers from controlling access, to helping direct visitors, even acting as escorts to help customers and employees get to their cars after dark.

Acting when crime occurs

Your business can control the level of response provided by security guards when crimes actually occur. These can range from reporting the incident and contacting police to detaining individuals suspected of criminal activity. By employing trained and licensed guards you can ensure that measured response is made whenever an incident occurs.


As well as activity patrolling your business, security guards can monitor your video surveillance system, watch for shoplifters, and open and close your business. This allows your staff to focus on their main roles, and relieves them of the burden of worrying about security.

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