Helping to protect churches with the GBSG Church Roof Alarm

GBSG Ltd has been working to protect businesses, homes and communities for over 30 years and we use our expertise and product knowledge to find a solution to meet every security challenge. This is how we developed our church roof alarm system.

The theft of metals from church roofs is a growing problem. With the price of scrap metal reaching record highs, churches have become a growing target for thieves. Theft can cause the cost of expensive repairs, not to mention the impact they can have on the local community.

Our system has prevented thefts from three different churches, saving both the money, distress and anxiety that this type of theft can cause. Our system works utilising video verification CCTV, which means when an alarm is triggered an operator is automatically presented with a video clip of what has caused the activation. If the activation is triggered by an intruder the operator will call the police and a keyholder – usually the local church warden.

Within minutes of an alarm being triggered both the police and warden can be on site. Ensuring that a theft and any subsequent damage is prevented. With clear warning signs, the systems also work as a strong deterrent, but with the ability to trigger an alarm they cover all scenarios.

One alarm activation lead to both the police and church warden being on-site within 10 minutes. Nigel Beverley-Stone, Church Warden and keyholder said: “Leaving aside the shock of the call which came to my mobile at 2.08am. I was able to understand the clear instructions from your monitoring team and met a police officer at the church within 10 minutes. Considering you only just completed the installation I never thought we would get such a positive demonstration of your capabilities so quickly, well done.”

We have installed over 30 church systems across the East Midlands. Neil Jackson, Managing Director of GBSG said: “When UK churches are targeted not only can these acts have severe financial implications, but they can have a detrimental impact on a community. Theft of lead, copper and zinc from roofs can have a significant cost, but it can also make a Church building vulnerable to rain damage. This has the potential to cause long-term structural problems. At GBSG we care about protecting local buildings, so we developed a truly unique roof alarm for church security that supports intruder alarm technology with video verification CCTV. One of the most important aspects of this system is that as it is wireless it requires no changes to the fabric of the building and they are all designed to fit discreetly and to not intrude with or detract from the wonderful architecture of our churches.”

“This alarm trigger and response is exactly why we make, develop and supply these systems. They quickly detect activity which can then be verified by our staff using video technology, who place calls with the local police service as well as notifying the main key holder. All of this is carried out in our own purpose-built NSI Gold Standard alarm receiving centre and not a third-party facility. By being able to contact the police and confirm that there is suspicious activity in progress, police are able to prioritise this type of alarm. This also means that a key-holder is not attending a site that may potentially be dangerous on their own and that the right people are aware and can deal with the incident.”

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