How can CCTV help your business?

CCTV camera

Not only can a professionally installed CCTV system help deter crime, but electronic surveillance can also help reduce insurance costs. Here are some of the benefits:

Reduced theft – most commercial burglary attempts happen after hours when the premises are empty. Correctly placed security cameras not only deter potential thieves from breaking into your business but also provide high resolution evidence of the incident that is admissible in court. Because sixty per cent of burglaries are forcible entry, it’s important to have security cameras placed in every potential place of entry.

Improved employee safety – your employees will feel safer with surveillance in all of the entrances, exits, and parking areas.

Scalability – when your system is professionally installed adding and integrating additional security cameras onto your already established network is cost-effective and simple. On the other hand, if your company chooses to research, purchase, and install a system without the advice of a trained professional, you could end up with a system that is either expensive to upgrade or one you are unable to upscale.

Monitoring – if your budget allows it, you should ensure your CCTV system is supervised by a Control Room at all times, meaning that no alarm activation goes unnoticed. Commercial premises tend to have any more alarm activations at night whether it be from break ins or pests, making them difficult and inconvenient to self-monitor. In many cases, professional monitoring is also an insurance requirement.

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