New brochure on security of museums and art galleries

GBSG has produced a brochure that looks at the security of museums, art galleries, and historic houses open to the public.

Here is a preview, you can download a free copy Security for museums and galleries.

All museums and galleries want to protect their collections from theft or vandalism, while at the same time remaining open and welcoming to the public and to researchers from around the world. For over thirty years GBSG has helped cultural institutions achieve that objective.

Museums and galleries face a range of criminal and anti-social activity  including specialist criminals robbing to order; opportunist thieves taking
advantage of lax security; and mindless casual vandals. Given the existence of long-standing illegal markets for historic objects, the risk of theft is a
perennial problem. The threats range from smash and grab style attacks, often in daylight, to carefully reconnoitred and planned break-ins at night.

Increasingly criminal gangs are well-trained and organised. Attacks can take place through upper floors and roofs; via unprotected doors and windows;
or by means of audacious daytime raids where cabinets are prised open, objects seized, and the thieves flee through the nearest exit before the alarm
can be raised.

The risk of fire is also a constant threat, and can destroy within a very short space of time a whole collection of irreplaceable exhibits or rare books.

In addition, the buildings in which cultural institutions are housed are often listed as being of historic and architectural interest, and this places a constraint on some of the security measures that might be adopted.

GBSG looks after the security of a range of museums, galleries and historic libraries and houses open to the public. The institutions represent GBSG’s highest level of security provision, and the systems are audited on
a monthly basis. All installations are carried out to an NSI gold standard

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