New focus on stadium security following incidents at Wembley last Sunday

a footballer kicking a ball into the net in a stadium

Wembley stadium experienced multiple security incidents last Sunday during the Final of Euro 2020. Ticketless fans breached the security barriers and poured through on to the public concourse areas. Police on horseback attempted to control the crowds as security staff struggled to reassemble fences around the stadium.

The scenes at Wembley have led to calls for all sports stadium owners to review their security. The ease with which ticketless fans were able to gain access to the country’s foremost sports venue has shocked many commentators. Spectator safety at sports grounds is controlled by the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 which requires designated sports grounds to obtain a safety certificate to admit spectators.

The England Football Association have announced an investigation into the security breach at Wembley. Among various security aspects, perimeter fencing is expected to receive special attention, along with access control management and the training and deployment of security guards and associated security personnel.

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