Reducing the risk of lead and copper work theft

Lead theft is still a threat to churches across the UK.

The new Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act that came into force at the end of 2013 has brought some anticipated regulation into the scrap metal trade. However, sadly lead and copperwork theft still remains an issue. Only last month, St Mary Magdalene Church in Gedney, Lincolnshire, fell victim to two thefts on consecutive nights which resulted in 24 square metres of lead being stolen.

As a security solution provider to churches, we developed the innovative Video Verification Intruder Detection System, which provides all the benefits of a monitored CCTV system but without the costs associated with it.

The system is self-powered with a two year battery-life and incorporates a motion sensor, a night vision digital camera and infrared illuminator. Because it is self-powered, there are no unsightly cables attached to the building. How it works is that if any unauthorised movement is detected, the system immediately begins to record and alive and alarmed images are sent to our NSI Gold standard monitoring station. It takes the monitoring station seconds to see if there are intruders present, and if this is the case then the police and relevant keyholders are promptly called.

One of the primary advantages of the Verification Intruder Detection System is that, unlike traditional intruder alarms, both keyholders and the police are notified that the alarm has been verified and that intruders are on site. With traditional intruder alarms, because they do not provide verification the Police are unable to respond with high priority which means that the appointed keyholder, usually the Church Warden, is attending blind to the fact that there may be intruders. Not only does this put the Church Warden in a very risky situation, but there is also the possibility that the intruders could be hiding on the roof and therefore remain undetected until the system has been reset.

The Verification Intruder Detection System overcomes these problems. To see the system live in action, please visit the church security section of our website.

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