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Optimising safety, security and efficiency in manufacturing

Manufacturing security strategy is essential in protecting against the theft of raw materials, equipment and stock and safeguarding business continuity.

Manufacturing security is vital because theft and malicious damage can impact a manufacturer’s ability to meet their customers’ expectations, leading to both short-term financial loss and a real threat to corporate reputation. Our security services can help prevent this from happening and reduce risk for any manufacturer. We can offer your business a professional, bespoke security system that suits your business requirements, designed specifically to combat the security threats identified for your company.

Every business needs a safe and secure environment in which to operate and profit, but achieving this ideal environment can sometimes be challenging when there are a variety of potential threats which require preventative measures, such as; unauthorised access to your property, criminal damage, theft, arson and the potential for assault on your working staff. These are all realistic risks which businesses need to address, particularly manufacturers, to ensure that criminal incidents are prevented and production doesn’t have to cease due to unauthorised actions.

With a great deal of experience in our dedicated and professional team, we can provide the perfect security solution for your manufacturing company, regardless of your property size or the intricacies of your production process.

To help our clients protect themselves against such threats, we help them produce a business risk analysis which lays the foundations of any factory security proposal. The level of risk will vary depending on the item(s) produced and the physical entity of the site, but typical threats include:

  • Theft of sought after raw materials, such as copper and steel
  • Theft of manufacturing equipment
  • Theft of stock
  • Malicious damage to business premises, such as physical damage to production equipment
  • Loss of confidential information
  • Deliberate contamination of goods.

To control such threats, we can look to incorporate the following factory security solutions:

  • Perimeter security through monitored, detector activated CCTV
  • Electronic access control to restrict the movement of unauthorised persons
  • Internal high definition CCTV systems to allow for high resolution zoom capability to check the movement and actions of staff
  • A fully integrated fire detection & alarm system
  • A 24/7 monitored alarm service.

As an expert in tailored security and fire solutions we can adapt security technologies to assist with the monitoring of business-critical machinery. Through our GBSG Pulse® monitoring solution we can monitor business critical machinery for signs of system failure, which allows us to proactively respond by alerting site staff or assigned on-call engineers. This type of monitoring helps to increase productivity through reduced downtime. 

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