Your CCTV Checklist

For many of us, a new year beckons another set of personal resolutions. This year we are looking at security resolutions and one thing that we are urging our clients to commit to, is to regularly check their CCTV systems.

Checking elements of functionality on a weekly basis will ensure that the system is recording and operating correctly. And, if a problem does arise it means that they are detected early and therefore can be swiftly resolved.

Our top ten weekly checks are listed below:

  1. Check that the recording system is operating correctly, including replaying of pre-recorded images
  2. Check that all cameras are correctly angled, and that the correct area of coverage is being achieved
  3. Check that the cameras are in focus
  4. For non-fixed cameras (i.e. those cameras that have pan, tilt and zoom functions), check that the movement functionality is operating correctly
  5. Check the view from each camera to see whether the lens or dome needs cleaning in order to provide clarity
  6. Check the view from each camera to ensure that it has not been moved from its normal view
  7. Check that the cameras and detectors are clear from obstruction, such as trees or other foliage
  8. Check that the external lighting is working and that the time clocks are accurately set
  9. For remotely monitored CCTV systems we recommend that you check that the movement detectors are working as they should with regards to detecting movement in defined areas
  10. Again, for remotely monitored CCTV systems you will need to check that the audio challenge facility is operating correctly.

Please remember, that before you carry out any tests relating to a remotely monitored CCTV system you will need to contact your Remote Video Receiving Centre so that they are aware of the activity and we will be able to confirm activation.

For more information on CCTV systems, including remote monitoring, please visit our dedicated CCTV Systems page where you will find a wealth of information and related case studies.

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