Access Control for Safer, Smarter Schools

The implementation of access control systems in schools and colleges not only brings numerous security benefits, but it enables schools to manage their business systems more efficiently.

Security is of course the primary motivation for implementation. By restricting access to specific areas, head teachers and school business managers are taking positive steps to ensure the welfare of their pupils and staff. Access control systems limit the opportunities for unwanted visitors, thus reducing the risk of theft of IT equipment and personal possessions.

In my experience, it is best for the reception staff to operate the access control system remotely. This helps with the management of visitors as essentially they report to reception, and it is the reception staff who allow persons into the main school area remotely. Further control is given if the school integrates access control with an internal CCTV system as reception staff can monitor movement via screens located in their office.

Outside of security provision, access control systems can be configured to easily provide roll-call information. This is an efficient way to check pupil and safety welfare upon a fire alarm activation as an evacuation list can be automatically printed.

In addition, greater business efficiencies can be achieved with access control when the solution is integrated with building energy management systems and allow the monitoring of lighting and heating consumption.

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