image of a sign buy or rent with a tick by rent

We offer our business customers the option of renting security equipment. This means no up front costs and is ideal if you are looking at replacing your existing system with the most up to date technology but don’t have the capital available.

There are a number of benefits to renting security equipment. Read our blog here for more details.


  • Cost – avoid upfront costs
  • Regular reviews – we ensure your system continues to meet your requirements throughout 
  • Maintenance – 2 scheduled visits a year
  • Customisation – All our systems are bespoke
  • Help when you need it – our Helpdesk team is on hand when you need them
  • Monitoring – we alert you to issues as soon as they arise and fix them – no more waiting for management to sign off for repairs/replacements
  • Scalability 
help desk and monitoring for security systems

Some of the O&M Managers we deal with are aware of the need to repair or replace equipment, but are hampered by lengthy expenditure sign off procedures. This leaves the assets at risk since the security system won’t be operating properly and insurance will also be undermined,