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GP training solutions in action

The Royal College of General Practitioners have published figures showing the falling rates of GP Registrars passing the Clinical Skills Assessment Exam, highlighting the need for better GP training solutions to improve consultation skills.

Videoing each GP consultation and regularly reviewing these throughout the year, is the ideal way to help develop trainees in the key areas of data management, clinical management and interpersonal skills.

However, many practices struggle with difficult to use recording and editing equipment, resulting in cameras not getting switched on and footage not being reviewed regularly. Patients are also uncomfortable with intrusive cameras set on tripods at the end of the couch or cameras with wires running to television screens or recorders, preferring a more discreet solution.

GBSG have developed a unique GP training solution which harnesses the technology used in remote CCTV monitoring, usually found in surveillance situations. It provides a discreet solution for patients, whilst optimising review and editing capability, to ensure that your trainees derive the most from the exercise, including sound only recording – all at the flick of a simple wall switch. The system can be managed remotely in a dedicated review and edit room, or managed unobtrusively within the consulting room.

How does the GP training solution work?

  1. Doctor starts the consultation and turns on the system using the wall switch
  2. As the consultation takes place, the green lights indicate which parts of the system are in operation (vision and/or audio)
  3. Filming and sound recording both take place through discreet wall mounted modules
  4. If examination is necessary, the doctor flicks the switch to turn off the camera, so the recording is sound only
  5. When the consultation is complete, the doctor flicks the switch and stops all recording
  6. Playback and review is easily undertaken and allows input from the doctor’s mentor
  7. Records of consultations can be easily retrieved and are simple to store for as long as necessary
  8. It is easy to review and compare sessions to monitor progress.

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