CCTV Systems To Be Compulsory In Abattoirs In 2018

All abattoirs in England will soon be required by law to install CCTV as part of government plans to monitor animal welfare.

These rules will gradually be introduced in phases in 2018, coming into play in Spring, so that Food Standards Agency vets will be able to see footage upon request of all areas where livestock are held.

The government has plans to increase standards for all farm animals and domestic pets in England by updating the existing statutory animal welfare codes. As a part of this initiative all slaughterhouses need to comply with the proposed changes and if they are found to be failing on welfare standards they could receive a welfare enforcement notice and be liable for a criminal investigation or potentially lose staff licenses as a result.

The first codes which will be revised will cover chickens bred for meat, followed later by laying hens, pigs and horses throughout 2018 and will be updated to reflect technology, advancements in medicine and will draw on advice and research from vets.

Compulsory CCTV in abattoirs is being introduced as a solution for the comprehensive requirement for using, accessing and retaining internal footage from abattoirs. An effective CCTV system is an invaluable tool for business owners to maintain compliance at all times as well as to enhance security from outside threats.

There are three CCTV aspects that abattoirs will need to be required to uphold:

  • CCTV systems need to keep footage for 90 days
  • Businesses are required to keep the footage for 90 days
  • Unrestricted footage is required for Official Veterinarians (OVs)

One of the biggest concerns of business owners in the industry is the implementation costs required to have suitable CCTV systems installed on their premises, but with the variety of options and packages available, including the potential to rent security systems, cost-effective solutions are available.

Along with the benefit of assured compliance, employing an effective CCTV security system provides a variety of additional benefits. For example, CCTV systems have frequently been known to improve staff behaviour and increase production, especially in industries with a similar process to manufacturing companies. More obviously, CCTV systems dramatically improve site security, which goes without saying.

At GBSG we have been an industry leader over the years in the developments in security technology, which has led to CCTV camera systems becoming an affordable, effective and highly flexible security solution for a wide range of businesses.

We work with businesses to install their ideal CCTV camera system and provide a solution that meets their precise needs, whether their focus is based on the cost-effectiveness of the system or its level of functionality. Our CCTV systems not only provide perimeter security but they act as a deterrent against theft and malicious damage, can improve employee production and most importantly for use in Abattoirs, would ensure compliance to the new animal welfare legislation coming into force next year.

GBSG have already designed and installed CCTV systems for abattoirs in England since the new legislation was announced. These projects have been highly successful at every stage, with great customer service from scoping the solution right through to installation. We can provide an effective and highly flexible security solution for slaughterhouses, entirely bespoke to their needs.

To support abattoir CCTV installations, we provide a comprehensive service and maintenance package, backed-up by 24 hour emergency engineer support and an optional maintenance package.

For more information, specifications and compliance for our CCTV systems please click here.

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