How does cold weather affect your home security?

Winter storms can have an adverse effect on home security systems. Locks can freeze over, windows and doors can get stuck, and the power supply can fail.

With a little preparation however, you can minimise the risks to your home and family.

Power failures

Your alarm system should always have a battery back-up. This will enable your alarm system to continue even if there is a power failure. However, most batteries only last about 24 hours, so it is important to fix any issues before this happens.

Remember that cold weather can reduce the life of a battery, so regular testing of the system is key.

Issues with CCTV and Access Control

In bad weather condensation can build up inside cctv cameras and this can freeze and obscure the vision, as well as short-circuiting the system.

Cold weather can also affect access control systems, especially if there is a build-up of ice and snow.

Regular checks and inspections can limit the damage.

Door locks are liable to freeze

Moisture in door locks can freeze causing considerable inconvenience. To avoid this you should apply oil to the lock before the cold weather begins. Once frozen, a de-ising spray can be used to free the lock.

In cold weather the emergency services will be busy

If there is a security incident during a period of extreme cold weather do bear in mind that the emergency services will have many claims on their attention and response times are likely to be more extended than usual.

For more information read the blog on BSIA website

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