Do you know how to choose a security system for your company?

Every company is different, and needs to have a security system designed to address the organisation’s specific site and business operations.

Although the basics remain the same and often consist of a video surveillance system, alarm systems, entrance and exit systems, and access control systems, these elements can be combined and adapted to respond to a company’s unique requirements.

The first step is to think about your security needs, what will work best for your business.

It’s important to first really think about your security needs, what will work best for your business, and what you can afford. Do you need your security to be indoor, outdoor, or both? Do you want it to be discrete or a visual deterrent? Will a large or small area need to be covered? Would you prefer it to work 24/7, or only operate when your business is closed? Would your company benefit from additional surveillance and monitoring?

You should also look at the crime rate in your business’ local area. If there is a high level of burglaries, for instance, you might need to consider extra alarms and ways to restrict entry to a building. If your staff handle costly products you might want to think about security that keeps an eye on your employees.

Types of indoor security include:

  • Locks and alarms on internal doors
  • Burglar alarms covering inside space
  • Patrolling security guard, team or staff representative
  • Security cameras and audio and video management systems fitted inside buildings

Types of outdoor security include:

  • Locks and alarms on windows and main doors
  • Padlocked car park gates and deterrent fences fitted around premises
  • Additional gates fitted over entrances and shutters on doors and windows
  • Security lights for grounds and car park
  • Car park barrier system with key card or security attendant
  • Security cameras and audio and video management systems (VMS) fitted outside of buildings

It is important that your security system is installed by a company that will fit it correctly and makes sure it performs to specification. Check the installation company has the correct accreditations and conforms to the appropriate standards. You should also look for a sustained track record over a prolonged period of time so that you can be sure reliable maintenance will be available many years into the future.

Finally, look for a company that will provide initial training and on-going assistance so that as your staff change (as they inevitably will over the years) they can be trained on how your security system works.

GBSG are specialists in the provision of corporate security systems. Our advice is free and we are happy to respond to questions and enquiries.

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