Do you know which Security Guards are right for your company?

There are a number of different security guard services available. Here we discuss the various options:

Uniformed Officers: One of the most effective ways of stopping criminal activity on your property. They will become part of your team. If you prefer, they can wear uniforms in your corporate identity.

  • Concierge/Lobby Reception: A security guard on Reception in your business lobby immediately reassures visitors that they are in a safe place and a company that takes security seriously.
  • Construction Sites: Research shows that construction sites will attract criminals and vandals – it is prudent to have security guards based on the site during the period of construction.
  • Short-term security: Often companies require security guards for a short period – for events or conferences.
  • Mobile patrols: especially useful if you have more than one site.
  • Executive protection: Some companies experience threats due to the type of operations they carry out – in these cases your senior executives may need to have a guard accompanying them on public appointments outside the company.

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