Do you know your home’s weakest point?

The front and back door are the weakest points of any residential property. That is why it is essential that you have them protected by door sensors. The purpose of door sensors is to trigger an alarm when the door is opened (or forced) after your intruder alarm has been set.

A door sensor has two parts – one piece is fixed on the door and the other on the frame of the door. Together they form an electrical circuit. When you close the door, it forms the circuit, when you door is forced open the circuit breaks and sets the alarm.

For maximum security you can have notifications and alarms supervised, recorded and responded to by a Monitoring Control Room.

The door sensors are an important part of the home security system. To make sure that your home is safe and burglar-proof, you need to ensure that the security system works perfectly. It is important that you test your alarm system regularly and know if there are any problems.

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