Don’t fall victim to opportunistic crime

Summer can be a lovely time of warm sunshine and outdoor living, but it is also a season that experiences a rise in opportunistic crime as burglars take advantage of open windows and unlocked doors.

Here are some ways you can minimise your exposure to thieves both at home and in the office:

  1. Unless you can see them clearly keep all external doors and windows closed and locked. If you leave the room even for a moment, make sure you close the window. Make sure ladders, or even wheelie bins, cannot provide access to upper floor windows that might be left open.
  2. Do not leave valuable items within easy reach of an open window. Keys, mobile phones, wallets – keep them out of reach of grabbing hands. Keys are especially attractive to opportunistic criminals, allowing them to return and gain easy access to your property.
  3. Motion activated lighting is a good deterrent that will dissuade opportunists from approaching property as evening falls and the light begins to fade.
  4. If you are having a barbecue in the back garden make sure your front door is locked.
  5. Don’t leave keys to external doors visible in your property (although from a fire safety viewpoint, always have them close to external doors in case you ever need to get out of the building in an emergency).
  6. If you have intruder alarms or CCTV systems installed make sure they are serviced regularly so that they are in working order.

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