Having a single point of control strengthens your emergency system

integrated security system

A basic fire alarm system may have an intruder security system added a few years later, with perhaps CCTV cameras following and automated access control added later. The result of this type of emergency system can be a mishmash of different systems from a variety of suppliers, and with varying levels of sophistication and uncoordinated maintenance programmes.

Eventually the point will be reached where the growing company will want to integrate all of the parts of the security systems together, so that they can be controlled from one control panel which receives and sends signals from one place.

Having a single point of control strengthens the ability of the company to identify the nature of an emergency and facilitate an appropriate response, enhancing the safety of the building, its staff and visitors.

Usually integration of systems is combined with upgrades in technology.

With the threats that companies face today, having an integrated emergency system is more important than ever.

An integrated system comprised of intrusion, access and monitored video surveillance technologies warns your staff of direct threats and enables your employees to take appropriate action.

Whether you have a single facility, or a multi-site operation, GBSG can design a technologically sophisticated and integrated system to match your requirements. To discuss your needs call us on 01775 821100 or visit our website www.gbsg.co.uk

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