Our history and why it is important to us

GBSG have been protecting businesses, private homes and communities for over 35 years. Starting as a small local business in 1984, we have grown to be a national company looking after our customers all across the United Kingdom and within Europe. We undertook our first large scale CCTV install in 1984 and from there we have continued to grow becoming experts in CCTV and fire installations for a wide variety of sectors.

This growth has come about through a focus on being innovative, creating tailored solutions and meeting the needs of our customers. With a dedicated team of office staff as well as skilled engineers out in the field we take every aspect of security very seriously. But it is not just our employees who make GBSG exceptional.

What sets GBSG apart from other security companies is its history, family culture and unique values. We know our values are unique because we hear them praised by our customers. These values have been condensed into an easy-to-remember list that we call The GB Way.

They state our values, define our culture and guide our actions.

The fact that GBSG has been in business over 35 years and has over 3,000 customers, many of whom have been with us for decades, demonstrates that the company is able to satisfy the needs of our customers. Often we anticipate those needs, helping to develop the BSIA standards for remotely monitored CCTV, and creating our own in-house Monitoring Centre (still a rarity among security companies).

The company’s origin in south Lincolnshire also gives a clue to its continued success. It is a rural area noted for the friendliness, loyalty and courtesy of the local people. As GBSG has grown over the years it has maintained this people-focussed culture, even hundreds of miles away from the Head Office in the small village of Donington.

With an emphasis on operational efficiency GBSG has continued to grow through recessions and economic downturns. The company history is a narrative of challenges overcome and opportunities achieved – for instance developing unique ways of protecting solar farms, innovations that have made GBSG the largest provider of solar farm security in the country.

Given a choice, customers prefer purchasing from organizations that have a sustained track record of success. As GBSG has expanded it has added more products and services to its portfolio, and today covers all of the security solutions currently available. But it is our shared history that binds our teams into a community and gives them such a distinct identity.

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