Prevention is key in the fight against crime

The latest crime figures for Lincolnshire have recently been released which report an overall fall in reported crime by 3% for the nine month period between April and December 2013.

Unfortunately no single reason is given for this reduction. It could be that as a county we are winning the fight against crime due to better policing? It might also be because more business and residential properties are investing in advance security solutions to deter crime in the first place? Or, it could just be that the people of Lincolnshire are honest folk?

However, one thing that we can be sure of is that these statistics shouldn’t seduce anyone into a false sense of security. Taking steps to prevent you or your business being a victim of crime is the best way to ensure that you aren’t included as a statistic in the next report.

At GBSG we are continuously working with our clients in developing new technology that enable preventative action to be taken in the fight against crime. Every site and client need is different, but increasingly we are supplying larger, commercial clients with sophisticated movement detection linked to a CCTV system and backed up with remote monitoring. This package is triggered by movement and immediately sends a signal to our Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) who is presented with the images of what has triggered the system and allows the operator to instantaneously access live CCTV footage and give a warning to the intruder over a tannoy connected to the CCTV.

This verbal warning would inform the intruder that they are being watched and recorded and that the police will be called and it does work as a successful deterrent, reducing the risk of valuable assets being stolen which can often help with insurance policies. This type of system is also of real benefit to those who own large amounts of rural land and don’t have time to check on every inch of their asset on a daily basis.

For more examples of how integrated security solutions are playing an important role in the fight against crime, click here.

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