GBSG sponsorship for Thomas Cowley High School

Thomas Cowley boys' football team wearing sponsorship shirts

GBSG, the local security experts have announced their sponsorship of Thomas Cowley High School’s boys’ football team and girl’s basketball team. The sponsorship demonstrates GBSG’s commitment and support for the local community in Donington, south Lincolnshire.

In choosing sports teams to sponsor, GBSG is recognising the importance of teamwork, integrity, and the desire to succeed – all qualities that have helped make GBSG prosper over the years.

Pictures show the two teams wearing their new GBSG shirts.

Thomas Cowley school is located in the same village of Donington as GBSG and has been providing secondary education for pupils for over a century. Some of the staff working at GBSG have been to the school or have children at the school and it is very much at the heart of the community. Serving children from age 11 to 16, the school is part of the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust.

GBSG was established in 1984 and is a leading supplier of security and guarding services to a range of homes, businesses and solar farms. Its services to schools include access control systems, alarms, CCTV and gate systems. A case study is available here.

We pride ourselves on being innovative, creating tailored solutions and meeting the needs of our customers. With a dedicated team of office staff as well as skilled engineers out in the field we take securing your business, homes and our communities seriously.

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