The only thing worse than no security, is a false sense of security

When many households are experiencing financial pressure it is tempting to cut costs by doing work yourself. Unfortunately this is a false economy, especially when it comes to your security system.

False Alarms

Unless you are a professional it is unlikely you will know the appropriate locations for CCTV cameras and sensors. Inevitably this will lead to false alarms with a consequent increase in nuisance incidents recorded against you. Over 80% of DIY alarm installers complain they cannot get the equipment to work properly.


Most DIY systems are limited a burglar alarm and a smoke detector. A professional security system allows you to monitor security, fire and carbon monoxide. There is also the option of third party monitoring by an external SIA approved control room.

DIY systems may seem like a good idea but they can cost you more in the long run, especially if the system fails at a crucial moment.

Perhaps GBSG can help you design a security system that is right for you?

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