Top tip: business security tips from the BSIA

80% of organisations believe that crime against businesses is a problem in their area according to a recent British Chamber of Commerce survey and it is estimated that this costs the UK £12.6 billion.

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA), of which GBSG are a member, is the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK.

The BSIA recommend considering the following tips when reviewing your business security:

  • Ensure that you fit good quality five-lever mortise locks to your doors. Fit locks to your windows, especially those that are on the ground floor or are accessible, for example, from a flat roof. Remember that any outbuildings will also need a quality lock in order to protect their contents.
  • Doors should be strong and in good condition, ensure that you fit a door that complies with British Standard PAS 24-1 ‘Doors of Enhanced Security’.
  • Fencing and gates should be substantial and well-maintained, with locks fitted on entrances to a property. Consider the installation of bollards or barriers on the entrances to car parks to prevent unauthorised vehicular access out of hours.
  • Security lighting can deter a thief from trespassing onto premises and can draw attention to an incident if a crime is taking place. Ensure any lighting fitted complies with the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act and does not have an adverse effect on neighbouring properties.
  • A monitored intruder alarm will make a real impact on deterring a criminal from entering a property and alert a monitoring centre if an alarm is triggered.
  • Simple access control systems can be fitted to prevent access to unauthorised areas, protecting storage areas and staff or office facilities.
  • CCTV systems are an effective means of detecting and preventing crime and offers the opportunity to gather evidence if a crime is committed.
  • Consider the use of a professional security guarding service.
  • Ensure that any equipment is marked with an asset marking system and registered on a secure database. Property marking can deter opportunist theft and also means that if a burglary does take place and your possessions are recovered, they can be returned to you.
  • Remember to guard against the risk of identity theft. By using a professional information destruction company to dispose of any confidential material, you will protect your business and your customers against the risk of identity theft and will fulfil your obligations under the Data Protection Act.

For more information visit the BSIA website.

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