Two solar farm break-ins prevented through prompt security response

The solar farm sector continues to attract the attention of criminal gangs. The raiders are becoming increasingly well-equipped, sophisticated and experienced to carry out fast-paced incursions, seizing materials and decamping before the alarms can be raised.

In the last two weeks GBSG has foiled two break-ins at solar farms – one in Nottinghamshire and one in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire break-in

In the early hours of the morning CCTV cameras watching a solar farm in Yorkshire sent an alert to our 24-hour monitoring centre. Immediately one of our Operatives looked closely at what might be happening. Three intruders were seen entering the site. The Monitoring Centre used the security tannoy system to challenge the intruders: “This is Security, please identify yourselves or the police will be called”.

Within twenty-five minutes the police had arrived at the solar farm. While they were carrying out a patrol of the site our cameras recorded the intruders leaving. The police found a length of cable wire that the thieves had been hoping to take with them.

Nottinghamshire break-in

Two people located on a solar site in Nottinghamshire. The GBSG operator issued a tannoy challenge the intruders and dialled in live to the cameras to monitor their whereabouts of the intruders. The police were called and a patrol requested. When the police arrived with dogs the GBSG operator guided them on which way the intruders has gone. Later the police found a hole in the fence, so a static guard remained until morning.

These two examples demonstrate the proactive approach that has made GBSG the leading company in the United Kingdom for solar farm security.

Remember, once a solar farm gets a reputation for lax security thieves will return again and again, either the same gang or new villains who have heard of easy pickings. The only reliable way to protect what can be an investment amounting to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of pounds is a well-designed security plan rigorously implemented. In our experience a policy of zero tolerance is the only sure way to protect your solar farm.

In addition, you should be regularly inspecting perimeter fences for any holes; cleaning camera lenses so that images are not obscured; cutting back hedges so that camera sight-lines are clear; ensuring that keyholder details are absolutely up to date; keeping up to date with advice on the behaviour of criminal gangs targeting solar farms; and carrying our regular reviews of security.

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