Will your security provider still be in business five years from now?

ow secure is your security supplier?
Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of “churn” in the security industry. Tiny companies start up full of optimism, gain a few contracts, and coast along until they fail. Failure could be the result of taking on too much debt, losing a key customer, or not having the ability to keep up with expensive changes in technology.

One-man-bands also have a habit of taking on contracts and worrying later how they are going to resource them.

Using a one-man-band to install fire alarms, intruder alarms and other security infrastructure may appear to be a low-cost option, but if your provider goes out of business (and one in three small companies will go out of business) you could be left with disruption, downtime in protection, and additional costs.

There is also exposure to insurance implications, civil lawsuits or liability within a court of law if a security incident occurs during a period when your company is unprotected.

Criminal opportunists will seek to exploit gaps and vulnerabilities in your company’s security. These occur when overwhelmed, undertrained, and poorly resourced security providers go out of business. Your company then becomes accountable for not properly securing your site effectively and exposing individuals and structures to unnecessary harm and damage.

GBSG has been providing security services for over thirty-five years. We are family-owned with very solid finances and an on-going programme of internal investment. Many of our customers have been with us for literally decades.

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