CCTV and intruder coverage – Rolec Services

Access control and a monitored CCTV system combined with an integrated intruder alarm system is helping to protect valuable components at a potentially vulnerable site for Rolec Services, a world leader in electrical connection equipment.

As part of ambitious expansion plans, Rolec Services has created a new office, warehouse and factory complex. But with a remote rural location and valuable component parts on site, tight security controls were essential for the company.

The location left the site vulnerable to intruders out of hours and it was important to control access to all areas of the site throughout the day.

Having talked through the major issues with Rolec, GBSG also visited the building site as work progressed, looking for any changes that would need to be managed within the security system.

System Details

The result was a recommendation based around a CCTV system with two fully functional dome cameras and two fixed cameras, linked to several associated motion detectors which trigger the cameras whenever movement is detected.

These are monitored during the day within the company’s reception area with digital recording to enable easy playback. An intruder alarm system is integrated with the CCTV and there is also a key fob activated access control system. The access control is used by all Rolec personnel, giving them admittance only to their appropriate working areas.

With the system, all the different site areas can be kept under control all day long with the remote and vulnerable areas under constant surveillance. The CCTV and access control also provide management information, with staff activity logged in the system.

Customer Testimonial

“GBSG were more competitive than some of the companies we looked at, but what was most important was the way they worked with us to give a proposal that actually reflected what we needed.

“We felt that they wanted to build a relationship with us, to find out what we wanted so we got the very best solution that matched our particular needs. They even came to visit the site as the building work progressed to see if their proposals might need modifying because of any changes in the building programme.”

“We needed to make the site as secure as possible. All our products are bespoke so any theft would result in big delays and a complete rebuild for each specific job in production. GBSG delivered a very impressive presentation and what was inside gave us all the information we needed. Most importantly, the specification satisfied our needs. By building a relationship with us at proposal stage, GBSG gave us a better solution”

Suzanne Smithee, Company Resources Manager, Rolec Services Ltd.

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