Church Roof Alarms – St Firmin’s Church

St Firmin’s Church in Thurlby is a valued community asset with a rich history dating back as far as 925 AD. After lead was stolen from the roof, the church decided to renovate the damaged areas replacing the stolen lead with a new steel roof.

GBSG were contacted due to raised Ecclesiastical Insurance standards in late 2013 after our RVRC was visited by The Archdeacon of Lincoln, Tim Barker bringing us to the attention of the church community. Due to its remote location a Remotely Monitored Video Verification Intruder Alarm System was suggested, which provides the benefits of a monitored CCTV system with a fraction of the associated costs.

System Details
After a consultation and review of the site, a wireless video verification system was specified which can be installed in a discreet way without distressing the Grade I listed building’s history, with care and consideration given top priority when installing an up-to-date security system in a church.

The system includes several remote alarm detection modules that cover the church roof. These detectors are self-powered with a two year battery-life, have infra-red illuminators and incorporate a motion sensor to keep the cameras operational 24/7 and because they are self-powered, there are no unsightly cables attached to the building.

If the alarm is triggered a short video will be sent to our NSI Gold standard monitoring station for verification via the mobile phone network. If an intruder is present then the police and relevant keyholders are promptly called.

One of the primary advantages of the Video Verification Intruder Detection System is that, unlike traditional intruder alarms, both keyholders and the police are notified that the alarm has been verified and that intruders are on site. With traditional intruder alarms, because they do not provide the visual verification the Police are unable to respond with high priority.

We have designed the system to meet Ecclesiastical Insurance requirements, with our purpose built ARC certified to meet BS5979 Category II and BS 8418, the cameras fitted are manufactured to at least Environmental Classification 3.

Customer Testimonial
“GBSG listened to what we wanted the security system to achieve and following a site visit proposed a solution that not only met our needs but budget expectations whilst protecting the historic nature of the church.”

Mary Trumble – Church Warden

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