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A modern security system is not just about keeping intruders out and property safe; today’s technologically complex integrated systems are just as likely to be providing solutions for internal management.

This was the brief for GBSG at a major new site development for Pilgrim Foodservice in Boston, Lincolnshire.

A sophisticated system of remotely controlled CCTV cameras has been installed to protect the site, integrated with automated gates and barriers, fire and intruder alarms and proximity access control for personnel. There’s also a leading edge aspirated fire system to monitor the cold stores, running at -25 degrees.

In creating a blueprint to solve the intruder, fire and personnel control needs of Pilgrim Foodservice, GBSG had to devise a bespoke and highly sophisticated system that could deal with the different demands of the site, which includes offices, warehousing, cold storage and outside areas with a lorry park.

System Details

The solution includes a 36-camera CCTV system to help management monitor high risk areas inside and out. Dual height rapid rise barriers and a video intercom system help to keep intruders out but don’t delay the site traffic.

Perimeter protection is linked to CCTV cameras which are monitored through the GBSG NSI Gold remote monitoring station, with a loud-speaker system to give a verbal warning if any intruder is detected, backed up by manned security guarding.

Pilgrim managing director Peter Bateman explained how this is working: “The remote monitoring was a very important part of the specification and really gives us peace of mind with 24 hour monitoring that will alert us to any situation.”

A proximity access system is integrated into the gates, barriers and the building’s controlled areas, so that personnel access can be managed on and around the site. The additional management benefit comes through the same personnel tag linking directly in to provide time and attendance records for payroll purposes.

“We are very pleased with the access control,” added Peter Bateman. “I just wish we had installed it on more doors now – it is so easy to programme for managing people’s movements. It’s an excellent management tool.”

The integrated security system is also important in satisfying demands of due diligence, with the ability to monitor the site and playback any film footage as required. The team can monitor what is happening inside the site, see vehicle movements, and check personnel activity to ensure procedures are being followed.

“We can also manage movements around the site,” said Peter. “Where there are areas on site which should not be used, they are on 24 hour alert.”

He added: “It’s playing a very important role in maintaining food security, health and safety and overall due diligence.”

A comprehensive fire alarm system incorporates the management of fire doors, shutters and the closing down of ventilation units. One of the most challenging aspects of the design was to provide fire detection in the cold store, which operates at a temperature of -22 degrees. At these low temperatures electronics may struggle, and the solution was to install aspirated fire detection, where the quality of the air is constantly analysed.

The fire and intruder alarms are part of the overall integrated system and provide maximum security with dual path signaling notification. Further management control is being gained through utilisation of the spare signaling channels to monitor freezer temperatures, compressor function, gas leaks and power supply. If there is a fault detected, then the communication system will alert management.

Customer Testimonial

“In terms of technical ability, GBSG outstrip any other security company that we have spoken to. We have found their engineers are very up to speed with the latest technology. We now have the optimum solution to protect our site.”

Peter Bateman, Managing Director, Pilgrim Foodservice.

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