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Rooke’s Pet Products have been providing quality pet and animal feeds and accessories to Lincolnshire homes for over 30 years.

The family company, relocated from Cradge Bank, Spalding, into a larger, more prominent and accessible site alongside the riverbank in High Street, Spalding. They had been a GBSG customer since 2001 and contacted us again to not only supply the intruder alarm but also a CCTV system and to take over the existing fire alarm in the new premises.

The site is comprised of an office, store, goods in area and a huge open plan retail area. With the expected and since proven increase in customers, security was of a high priority, but needed to not be invasive.

System Details
The intruder alarm has been designed to meet the sites operational requirements, insurer’s needs and complies fully with the industry’s standards. Comprehensive alarm coverage has been achieved within the building by the use of a combination of active infra-red beams, microwave and passive infra-red dual technology detectors and magnetic door contacts. Notification for the system is via dual path signalling, providing secure 24 hour monitoring to an Alarm Receiving Centre, who obtain both keyholder and police response in the event of an activation.

The CCTV system comprises of 16 internal dome style, high resolution colour cameras, plus a further 7 external colour/monochrome cameras with built-in infra-red illuminators.

All cameras are linked back to two networked digital recorders fitted with 1TB of hard disk recording. These units provide the onsite recording for the cameras and provide localised viewing either via locally installed monitors or via an ethernet network link for control over the computer network. The digital recorders will provide up to 31 days recording without the need for any user intervention. When the discs become full, the oldest images will be automatically overwritten, ensuring the continuous operation of the recording system.

Each DVR is also fitted with a DVD writer which will facilitate the copying of images for archiving or evidence purposes. A 22” Monitor is prominently displayed as you enter the shop, making people immediately aware they are being viewed by CCTV.

The system was installed to deter unwanted behaviour and shoplifting within the shop and also to provide increased security and protection around the exterior. All of the cameras give detailed images of activity, which can be used for evidence purposes should it be required.

Whilst the building had a functional fire alarm system when the property was acquired, it has been possible with the input from the inspecting fire officer to enhance the protection. The updated system is fully compliant with the industry standard BS 5839 Part 1, providing the earliest possible notification of fire; ensuring a safe environment for staff and customers.

Undertaking a maintenance contract ensures compliance with legislation and more importantly that the fire alarm being routinely tested by qualified engineers, provides a reliable system that you have confidence will work when needed.

With an integrated system the solution is greater than the sum of its parts, providing improved security of single systems, more effective maintenance and a single point of contact for all security needs. The system also becomes future-proof allowing the system to develop with the property.

Customer Testimonial
“With an attractive payment package and planned maintenance visits throughout the year, I was pleased to work with GBSG again. After the initial meetings, I was confident to leave them to do all the necessary work to get all three systems up and running in time for the launch of our new store. Security is not an option nowadays, and we are guided by our insurance companies. We obviously want to safeguard our members of staff, stock and premises, but also consider the safety of our customers, as they browse in the store, or leave their vehicle in the car park”.

Jason Rooke, Managing Director, Rooke’s Pet Products.

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